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 Tryout Articles:
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 Appearance & General Tryout Tips:
  • Tryout Tip 1: Always smile
  • Tryout Tip 2: Use facials (not too much) to add to your tryout
  • Tryout Tip 3: You must have confidence during the tryout period
  • Tryout Tip 4: Practicing in front of a mirror
  • Tryout Tip 5: Wear school colors
  • Tryout Tip 6: Wear a Bow
  • Tryout Tip 7: Take off all of your jewelry
  • Tryout Tip 8: Wear cheerleading shoes
  • Tryout Tip 9: Work out prior to the tryout
  • Tryout Tip 10: Wear subtle make-up
  • Tryout Tip 11: Bring an extra hair tie/bow
  • Tryout Tip 12: On the day of try-outs drink lots of water
  • Tryout Tip 13: Watch what you eat
  • Tryout Tip 14: Stand up straight and donít slouch
  • Tryout Tip 15: Donít' be afraid to ask for help
  • Tryout Tip 16: Realize that cheerleading is a demanding sport
  • Tryout Tip 17: Wear comfortable clothing
  • Tryout Tip 18: Hide tattoos and belly rings if needed
  • Tryout Tip 19: Wear sports bra
  • Tryout Tip 20: Fake Tattoos
  • Tryout Tip 21: Stand at attention before and after each skill
  • Tryout Tip 22: Always have a good attitude
  • Tryout Tip 23: Hit the crowd
  • Tryout Tip 24: Willingness to learn

     Tumbling Score Tips:
  • Tryout Tip 25: Do something
  • Tryout Tip 26: Legs Together
  • Tryout Tip 27: Toes pointed
  • Tryout Tip 28: Finish solid
  • Tryout Tip 29: Tumbling Classes
  • Tryout Tip 30: Clean it up
  • Tryout Tip 31: Add difficulty

  •  Jump Score Tips:
  • Tryout Tip 32: Just practice
  • Tryout Tip 33: Flexibility
  • Tryout Tip 34: Point your toes
  • Tryout Tip 35: Legs straight
  • Tryout Tip 36: The landing
  • Tryout Tip 37: Chest up
  • Tryout Tip 38: Be aggressive
  • Tryout Tip 39: Finish solid
  • Tryout Tip 40: Get a spotter
  • Tryout Tip 41: Help with stretching

     Cheers/Sideline/Dance Score Tips:
  • Tryout Tip 42: Keep going
  • Tryout Tip 43: Practice extensively
  • Tryout Tip 44: Motion Placement
  • Tryout Tip 45: Counting
  • Tryout Tip 46: Head up
  • Tryout Tip 47: Smile and add facials
  • Tryout Tip 48: Perform with confidence
  • Tryout Tip 49: Practice in a mirror
  • Tryout Tip 50: Practice with a FRIEND
  • Tryout Tip 51: Break it down
  • Tryout Tip 52: Be heard
  • Tryout Tip 53: Hit the crowd
  • Tryout Tip 54: Take lessons
  • Tryout Tip 55: Don't sing the words

     Motions Score Tips:
  • Tryout Tip 56: Placement
  • Tryout Tip 57: Squeeze tight
  • Tryout Tip 58: Make your motions quick
  • Tryout Tip 59: Make an E
  • Tryout Tip 60: Motions slightly in front
  • Tryout Tip 61: Head straight
  • Tryout Tip 62: 8 count
  • Tryout Tip 63: Right from left

     Stunt Score Tips:
  • Tryout Tip 64: Remain Tight
  • Tryout Tip 65: Flexibility
  • Tryout Tip 66: Durability
  • Tryout Tip 67: Hit the crowd
  • Tryout Tip 68: Hit a solid motion
  • Tryout Tip 69: Squeeze up through your shoulders
  • More to come soon!!!
  • Tryout sessions pointers:
    Tryouts will usually have a practice session beforehand. You will be given some cheers, chants, and a dance to memorize during this time. You will also be given the chance to work on your skills beforehand so use your time wisely. Here are some session pointers:
    1.) Donít compare yourself to others. It might make you nervous. I have seen girls who would have made the team give up, because they thought that they were not going to make one of the spots.
    2.) Donít' be afraid to ask for help. Get all of your questions answered before the tryouts. It makes you look like you care about the tryouts, and you get all of your questions answered so you confidence improves.
    3.)GO to the sessions. Some girls won't even go to the sessions, and I guarantee you will miss something that you could use in your favor.
    4.)When practicing the cheers, chants, and dances be sure you stand somewhere were you can see the instruction.
    5.)Pay attention to questions asked by the other, and NO goofing around.
    6.)Take a blank tape to be able to record the music for the dance.
    7.)Again practice you motions in the mirror. BUT this time also do it with you cheers, chants, and dance.
    8.)Pratice with other individuals so that you can critique one another.
    9.)Go full out when practicing, so that when the time comes to do it in front of the judges you are ready.

    Morning of tryouts:
    1.)Get plenty of sleep
    2.)Eat a good and healthy breakfast, but don't fill yourself up. Stick with Oatmeal, fruits, and/or vegetables and stay away from junk food.
    3.)Stay away from Caffeine or junk food. It will make your voice break.
    4.) Bring a snack and some water as it could be a long day.
    5.)When getting dressed wear school colors and a bow in your hair
    6.)Be kind on the makeup and possibly wear a temporary tattoo on your cheek with the school mascot

    1.)Show up to tryouts ahead of time to get use to your surroundings. It will calm your nerves.
    2.)Stretch out beforehand
    3.)Practice you cheers, chants, and dance beforehand so that they are fresh in your head, but donít over do it.
    4.)Remember not to wear yourself out, it could be a long day.
    5.)Try not to sit down too much, it will tighten up your muscles and you could get an injury
    6.)When you are called run in (or tumble) and "hit the crowd" showing your enthusiasm
    7.)Always smile. It gives everyone the impression that you are happy to be here and makes you approachable. Both are qualities of a good cheerleader so keep this in mind. Become a judges favorite and get on their good side.
    8.)Yell load, but donít scream
    9.)Make sure your words are clear and crisp. Do not sing the words.
    10.)If miss a skill don't frown or pout, or the judges will see this and possibly deduct this from your score
    11.)No matter what skill you are attempting just make sure you do it and don't give up. I have seen many girls give up on tumbling when they could have given themselves some points by trying something simple.

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