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Pee Wee Stunts:

Lay back hands
Thigh hitch
Kneeling pony sit
Pee Wee Table Top
Pony Stand Bow n arrow

Pee Wee pyramids:

Small Tree Pyramid
Pee Wee Pyramid
Pee Wee pyramid 2
Pee Wee Table hitch
Pee Wee Pony Tree
Pony Table w/ hitches
Pony pyramid w/ stretches

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Pee Wee Tips:

1. How to get control of your Pee Wee Team
2. Tips in teaching jumps to Pee Wees
3. 8 Tips in teaching cheers/chants to Pee Wees
4. 3 top things to think about when starting a Pee Wee cheer program