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Motions are the act of moving your body and arms into quick and stiff positions. The are used along with cheers, chants, and hitting the crowd. The techniques learned from motions are used in more advanced skills like heel stretches, arabesques, topping pyramids, and even dancing.  

Motion Articles:


Motion tips:

1.) Hit your motion quick don't gradually hit it

2.) Hold your motion strong and firm (as to flex your muscles)

3.)Shoulders should be relaxed and not up and stiff.

4.)Motion should be place slightly in front rather than straight up or straight to the side. Visually it looks better and you are able to see them out of the corners of your eyes

5.)Your wrists should be straight and not bent.

6.)Tuck your thumb as to make an "E" with your fist.

NOT                           YES


7.)Watch your placement.  Your T's should not look like weak V's

8.)Don't rest your head on your arm for punches

9.)When swing motions are being used.  Swing to the next position rather than away (in other words shortest distance)

10.)Practice in the mirror

11.)Play "Simon Says" with friend and/or teammates to make learning motions fun.

12.)Place a motion with a number from 1 to 8, then have someone count.  Hit your motions sharp and to the best of your ability as they count.  


Here are some examples of Motions:

Hands on hips








Broken T


Hi - V



Low - V




Right Punch




Left Punch



Right L



Left L



Right K




Left K



Right Diagonal



Left Diagonal



Right Bow n Arrow



Left Bow n arrow






Low Touchdown



Half Hi-V



Half Low-V



Muscle Man








coming soon!!!

Double check



coming soon!!!

Right check


coming soon!!!

Left check







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