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Game Articles:


1.) Use easy sidelines to get the crowd involved
2.) Start traditions
3.) Run flags when the teams come out OR during a TO
4.) Use signs to get the crowd involved
5.) Use your mascot to get the crowd into the action
6.) Use signs with stunts for more effectiveness (IE elevators going up and down with a sign
7.) Make sure every cheerleader looks the same in terms of clothing to make your squad creditable
8.) Throw FREE balls to the crowd to get them up
9.) Get on a microphone to get them to cheer with you.
10.) Standing tumbling or jumps during free throws
11.) Call Cheers/sidelines during key points in the game
12.) Decorate the facility beforehand for appeal
13.) Do a spell out with your bodies (use cheerleaders to make letters out of their bodies) during a TO
14.) Cheers are good with solid pyramids and do not put up anything that is shaky
15.) Go up into the stands and be personable to get the fans involved.
16.) Cheer in different parts of the facility to make it interested (IE moving cheerleaders. GO up into the balcony, then go up to the stands, then stay on the floor)
17.) Make a human tunnel for the team.
18.) Guys pound on the megs for a crowd reactive beat.
19.) Everyone smile and look like you are having fun.
20.) Make sure everyone on the squad is paying attention to the game, in order to show your interest.
21.) Have a break through sign for the team to break through.
22.) Get balloons for the fans for intimidation
23.) Get newspapers for the fans to hold during the announcement of the opposing team.
24.) Do a starting lineup w/ stunts that are synced for appeal.
25.) Take advantage of the fight song whenever you can.
26.) Get on the same page as the BAND. They can be your best cheering section.
27.) Call Cheers often and make lots of noise during the game.


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