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General Chants

(NEW) We're here to move move
Your in our groove groove
Panthers with prove prove
That we are unstoppable!

(NEW) Mark it up
on the board
we just scored!

(NEW) Spartan pride
Is alive
You can't handle this

(NEW) Cheerleaders Shake it Shake it
Fans bake it bake it
Now let's take it take it
to the other team!

Hey fans Get up get up
Hey fans get up (clap)

What do you say A-OK
Common let's score

Crowd (pause) Get up Get uuuup! Crowd (pause) Get up! (clap)

We want noise, We want Noise, Let's here it for the BOYs!

Spirit (pause) Let's hear it! (pause) Show off your Viking Spirit

Get up and yell (clap) L H S (clap)

Panthers (clap)(clap) Stand up (clap)(clap)

Clap it out! to the beat ,..Fans jump out of your seat!

Come on crowd yell LHS, L-H-S X


Viking fans yell BHS, B H S X

ISU X Let's Go Birds X

Go X X R H S

G-O, go, go come on cats let's go X

Go, let's fight, victory tonight X

Go Wildcats, let's go XXXX, fight Wildcats let's fight, XXXX, win

Wildcats let's win, XXX, go let's go fight win!

Go Go Go, Wildcats go XXX

Go purple xx go Gold xx Go Purple, Go Gold OHHS X

Go G-O, Go Cats Go

Go XXX Move that Ball!

HEy Redbirds Yell I S U

"G" "O" Go hawkeyes Go X X X

Lets Go Buckeyes X X XXX

Goooooo illinois State XX

Hornets let's fight X Win tonight X

Here we go mustangs here we go X X

CAts let's go let's go X X X

Knights let's do IT X Fight your way through it!

"L" "H" "S" Let's go let's go X

"P" "HS" X We're the Best X




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