Work Liberties and Stretches at home

Here are some Tips to work your Liberties and Stretches at home:

1.) Mirror - Watch yourself in a mirror OR on video to see if your technique is correct.

2.) Step up on a chair - Step up on the chair, then pull your lib/stretch. This will help you with your step ins, balancing, and staying tight in a liberty/stretch.

2.) Work on your flexibility - Get some stretch bands and work your flexibilty at home. They make stretching easier and allows the flier to pull their stretch even further.

4.) (libs) Balance a tray/plate - When practicing a lib, try holding a tray/plate on your knee. This will teach you to keep your knee up in a liberty.

5.) Back to the wall - Pull your liberty/stretch with your back to the wall. It will show if you are loosing your form by reaching for your stunt. Your back/buttocks should always be touching the wall.

6.) How long - See how long you can hold your liberty/stretch on the ground and help your endurance.

7.) Balance on a stool/curb - Find something low to the ground to balance on.

8.) Partner up with thigh stands - Find a partner/parent to get into a lunge so that you can stand up on their thigh for a thigh stand. Work your libs and stretches on your partners thigh. Just make sure you have a spotter for safety reasons.

9.) Practice on a Cheerleading Stand - A Cheerleading Stunting Stand is a Safe and Great way to work on your cheerleading skills at home. The sturdy make of the stand and close proximity to the ground really elevates the flier's at home training and allows them to try new things as well as clean up old skills.

10.) Fun Stunt exercise - If you have a strong enough partner and maybe a spot you could try this stunt below for fun.

11.) Hold yourself up - Find a couple of chairs and work on your holding yourself up. It will help you gain some stregnth to help you push yourself up into a lib or stretch.


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