Improve Your Stretch

You can hit a GOOD stretch, BUT can you make it GREAT! Here are some tips to help:

1. Stretch daily Stretch often if NOT daily. The use of Stretch Bands will increase the progression of your Stretch while minimizing the time it takes to get to your required level. Try stretching with the bands often while you sit in front of the television or even while you are doing your homework to make it less time consuming.

2. Quality stretching You can't just go through the motions, you must make sure that you are actually doing something while you stretch. You should actually feel your muscles stretching. If you feel NO pull then you your flexibilty gains will be minimized.

3. Partner up Get a partner to help hold your leg up and provide resistance.

4. Find a Wall or Door Use a wall, chair, OR door to be able to hold your leg up against it. This will give you great resistance while you try to target the stretch. There are even products that allow you to use your door to attach bands to help you pull your leg/stretch.

5. Hold the stretch When stretching, make sure to hold your stretch for a count of 10-20. Don't just bring the leg up, then immediately back down. Hold it for a short period in order to give your muscles time to stretch.

6. Don't Bounce Bouncing is constant pulling and letting go of the stretch at a quick pace. It can cause and injury if your are not too careful. Make sure you don't make any drastic pulls and keep the pull and release at a slow constance pace.

7. Breathe Breathing while you stretch is really good for your stretch. It will help you relax as well as allow your muscles to stretch further than normal.

8 Keep your technique As your pulling your stretch make sure you are still keeping proper technique. We don't want any bad habits. keep your legs straight, toes pointed, and pull at 45 degrees so that you are stretching the correct muscles and stretching them to their fullest.

9. Stretch correctly Pull your stretch up. Don't compensate by letting your leg pull your chest down, Or don't lean back to counter the weight of your leg going forward. You must at all times think about lifting up with your leg, and don't rely so much on your arm to keep your leg in place.

10. Grab your foot Of course you need to grab your foot rather than your ankle. It will lift you foot higher, it will make your stretch look better, and it will avoid having your leg dragging you down.


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