Help Pacman get all of the dots while avoiding the ghosts in this family clasic.

Donkey Kong

Help mario save the princess while avoid barrells thrown by donkey kong.


Clasic Sonic game.

Super Mario World

Help mario save the princess w/ the help of Yoshi.


The classic spaceship game.

Kid Icarus

Classic 80's Kid Icarus game for the Nintendo.


Help Aladdin save Jasmin in this exciting adventure.

Mike Tysons Punch out

Box your way to Mike Tyson.

Cheer Jumps Game

A cheerleading game that judges your jumps a tryouts

Cheerwiz Stunt Game

This is a cheerleading stunting game.


The popular Sudoku strategy game.


This is your typical Tetris Game for your enjoyment


Try to get a hole in one on this popular game

Libby and Attack of the Mascots

An action game that has you throwing your pompons at mischievious Mascots!

Super Mario Bros. 3



The classic nintendo game!

Ghosts n Goblins

The classic nintendo game!


The classic vampire hunter game!

Mario Bros.

The 1st Mario and Luigi game!

Burger Time

The classic Burgergame!

Double Dragon

The Street fighting game!


The classic Alien fighting soldier game!

Pyramid/Stunt Tool
This is a Cheerleading Tool to help create NEW pyramids and/or stunts.

Tumbling formation Tool
This is a Cheerleading Tool to help create cheerleading Tumbling formations.

Formation Tool
This is a Cheerleading Tool to help create NEW formations.

Sideline Tool
This is a Cheerleading Tool to help create NEW sidelines and allow the team to see the motions with the words.

Other Games/quizes:

Cheerwiz Dots Game
Choose a Dot and try to connect more squares than your opponent.

Cheerwiz Memory
Try to match pairs of cheerleading images.

Cheer Race
Place your bets and see which cheerleader makes it to the finishline first.

Cheer Quizes
Take a cheerleading Quiz