Walk up shoulder stand








Flier-Stand behind the base a grab a thumb-to-thumb grip. Start by placing your right leg on the right pocket of the base in front of you. Step and lock on the right pocket while resisting as much as you can through the arms of the base. Next step and lock to the base’s left shoulder. Then place your right foot to the base’s right shoulder and adjust both feet.  The whole time you are still pushing through the base in front of you. On your word, let go one hand at a time and lift your chest to stand up on the base. For the dismount, grab a thumb-to-thumb grip and gently step off your base, remembering to keep your legs straight and absorb your landing to the ground.

NOTE: Do not jump off of your base or it may push her back and you both might tumble to the ground.


Back spot – same as Double thigh stand & L-stand. For the dismount, grab the flier’s right wrist with your right hand, and then grab the flier’s right arm with your left hand.


Base - Start in a lunge position with your right leg bent and right foot facing perpendicular to the crowd your are facing.  Your left leg should be straight and your left foot will face towards the crowd.  Keep your upper body facing the crowd at all times.  Now put your arms in a Dagger motion and you will grab a thumb-to-thumb grip with the flier.  As she steps on your right pocket make sure your resist her through your arms.  As the flier steps to your left shoulder, then you straightened your arms up while still resisting her.  Let the flier place her right foot and give her time to adjust. Now let go one hand at a time and wrap your hands on the upper part of the calves and pull straight down. For the dismount, grab a thumb-to-thumb grip one hand at a time and resist her as she steps off of your shoulders.

NOTE: when pulling down on the calves, do not pull forward or the flier will be unstable and possible fall down.