Walk in arousal








Flier –Start by facing your base (straight on).  On count place (do not step hard) with you right foot into the bases hands and at the same time you will place your hands on the base’s shoulders.  Your body position needs to be right over the base, whereas you can see the base’s backside.  In motion, you need to think first push off of the base’s shoulders, and then step up with your right foot.  This will make your stunt lighter.  Remember to push straight down and do not pull the base forward, or he will fall down.  Now ride the pop by lifting with your shoulders, straddle your legs, point your toes, and wrap your arms behind the neck of the base.  Keep your legs locked at all times for the arousal.  To go from the arousal to another skill, use the momentum and push off of the base's shoulders as he pops you up. 


Base –Bend down at your hips and make sure your legs are shoulder width apart.  Now place your right hand over your left, and place your forearms on your thighs.  As the flier comes into the stunt, grab for her right foot and bounce your forearms off of your thigh.  This technique will give you more momentum into the stunt.  Try to keep your biceps flexed and DO NOT straighten your arms Or you will struggle on the stunt.  Waite for the flier as she pushes off, then pop her up.  As she straddles, open your arms in front of you for the catch.  Your hands will be placed on the upper thigh and/or back side for control over the arousal.  Remember to keep your back straight and try not to bend over.  To go to another stunt, use the momentum and your legs to pop the flyer up enough so that you can grab her foot for the next transition/stunt.