Flier Start at an angle on the base's left side. Grab a thumb to thumb grip. On count step with your right foot on the ground then step with your left foot on the thigh of the base. When you step on the thigh, make sure you are pushing down through the base, who should be located right below you. Use your push and your step to hop/pull yourself up and over to the base's right shoulder. You need to have your shoulders, knees, and toes above one another and look down at the base so you can see what you are doing.


Base - Start by bending down with your left leg slightly in front of you to the left. Grab a thumb to thumb grip with the flier. As the flier steps and pops off of your thigh, you need to stand up and straighten your arms above your head while still resisting through the flier. Make sure you guide the flier to your right shoulder and slightly bend your arms once she touches. From there you can use the momentum of the stunt to pop the flier up to any stunt of your choosing.