Elevator Squish








Start with an elevator


Flier-on count ride the pop up, then bend your knees slightly as you come down.  Place your hands on the shoulders of your bases as you come down, and resist through them to give your squish control. As your bases come up, push through your arms and shoulders and stand up.  Tighten up and hit your HI-V for the finish.

TIP: by putting all of the weight in your arms and holding yourself, you are in essence making yourself feel lighter on the bases.


Back spot-Start with your hands around the flier’s ankles/calves. On count adjust your hands to the flier’s waist and slowly assist and lower her for the squish.  As the flier comes back up, lift up on her waist and  give a flick (lift) as the stunt goes up. Now work your way up and reach as high as you can on the flier’s legs.  Squeeze and brace for the finish.


Base(s) – On count dip with your legs and lift the flier slightly up and off of your chest.  As you bring the flier down, keep your arms bent, bring your pinkies of your hands together, bend down, and resist her through the stunt.  As you come up, remember to keep your arms flexed at all times, straighten up your legs and begin to stand up. As you stand use this momentum by your legs to bring your hands to shoulder height.  At all times you need to squeeze the flier’s foot.

TIP: Always watch the other base for timing issues.  Look out of the corner of your eye so that you still maintain visual contact with the flier.

TIP: If your back is bent, then you could injure yourself and make the stunt more difficult.