Pooper Scooper






Flier –Start in a cradle position. As the base throws your legs over his left shoulder make sure you squeeze your abs and slowing control your self down the base’s back (do this by climbing down 1 hand at a time).   This whole time your legs need to be straight , together, and your legs need to be piked.   Before you hit the ground us your abs to pike your feet to the hands of your base.  When he grabs your feet, tuck your chin, ball up, let go of the base’s waist and grab for his forearm.  Stay in a tuck as you are swung through.  When you see the ground,...push off of the base’s forearm, lift with your head, lift with your shoulders, and shrug up to finish the stunt.


Base – Hold your flier in a cradle position.  Then flip her legs over your left shoulder. As the flier let’s go.   Bend slightly with your legs and back a reach for both of the flier’s feet.  Grab both of the flier’s feet with your right hand. Make sure you spread your fingers to get a good grip on the feet. Your left arm will go around the flier’s waist as she is tucking.  Use the momentum of the stunt and try not to stall.  Now with your left arm lift the flier straight up and NOT out.  At the same time keep your right hand with the flier’s feet stationary and use for a pivot.  You are trying to get the flier’s upper body over her feet.  As her upper body starts to lift up, this is when you want to give a final throw straight up with you left forearm, then help grab for the feet.  Depending on what stunt you do will determine the final grip.