Grin and bare it





Flier –Start with walk in Reverse hands.  Make an adjustment by lifting your right leg to a close hitch position (make sure your right foot is NOT too far out OR it will be difficult to hit this stunt.  Try to keep it above the base as much as possible).  On count, wait for the base’s pop, ride up the stunt by stepping up, keep your chest up, and initiate the turn with you head and slightly with your body.  Spot to the corner to front to stop your turn. Remember to pull your feet together as you pop up.  Finish as you come to the front and hit your liberty.


Base –Start in Reverse Hands.  Make and adjustment by lifting and sliding the flier’s right foot to a hitch position.  Try to keep her foot as close to your center as possible. Grab the front of her foot in a hamburger grip.  On count, dip with you legs and press with your shoulders the flier.  You will finish her turn until she is facing front.  Squeeze to control her spin.  Re-grab with your right hand onto her right heel (your left hand should still be on her right foot).   Finish with whatever stunt you want!