Flier start on your toes and lean slightly back into the guy. On his count dip and jump (stay on your toes and do not go flat footed). When base has fully extended his arms, then you want to release, not a bit sooner! Keep your hands/arms to your side. Now make sure your legs stay tight and do not bend as you are being caught. Keep your chest up and you should keep your weight in the balls of your feet (NOT in your heels AND/OR toes). Squeeze as though there is a string attached to your back pull your shoulders up.


Base - stand behind the flier with feet just slightly beyond shoulder width apart. Lightly grasp the flier by the waist (NO DEATH GRIPS). On count follow the flier while she jumps (this way you both have good timing). Do not push your flier into the ground. Right before the flier leaves the ground, grab a little firmer and toss (finish your F L I C K!). Toss just enough to get the flier above your shoulders. After you toss, cross your arms in front of you so that your elbow are facing forward rather than down. Make sure there is little space between the arms where the flier's feet could fall through. When the flier comes down, make sure she lands on your bicep and absorb the landing with your legs.