Flat back transition




You need 4 people (1 flier and 3 bases).


Star with the flier facing towards her right side with her right foot up to the base in front, and her hand on the wrists on the base in back.  Front base needs to place his/her hand on the flier’ right foot.  Make sure your right hand is over your left.  The back base grabs the flier by the waist with firm grip. The side base will put their left hand on the flier’s backside and their right hand on the flier’s right ankle.  On count the flier dips and jumps up while resisting the back base.  After the jump the flier needs to flick her hands away from the back base to assist with lift.  The front base keeps their arms flexed at the beginning and dips with their legs.  The back base toss the flier up for the lift, and the side base controls the flier up while remembering to follow her at all times.


As the flier comes down

Flier – stay tight, squeeze your abs, place your arms to your side, and hollow out your chest.

Front base – grab the flier’s right ankle with your left hand and control her down.  As the flier hits a parallel position, then switch your right hand to flier’s ankle for additional stability.

Back base – step forward with your left foot so that you back faces the crowd.  Grab high for the flier and place your left hand on the flier’s lower back/backside and your right hand will be placed on the flier’ upper back/shoulders.

Side base – follow the flier down.  Place your right arm on the flier’s right thigh and control her down. Then place your left hand to support the fliers’ upper back/shoulders. 


NOTE: Have an additional spot to spot for the head and the upper shoulders.  – Safety issue!


Once the flier is stable have her lift her right leg straight up and arms to the side for the finish.