Doubletake (all-girl)



Start with an Elevator


Flier-Stay as tight as possible. On count lift up with your shoulders, hollow out, and gently control yourself down to your bases. Make sure you resist through your legs and not just drop down expecting your bases to catch you.  Remember to not lose your backside through this process and keep your chest up at all times. You may drop your chin slightly to see your bases before your reach them. As the right base releases your left foot make sure you distribute your weight to the inside of your right foot, and keep your left foot up.  When you reach the base's shoulders, resist and control your weight down (this control will make you lighter on the bases and it will stop the transition from crashing down).  Now gently place your let foot on the ground and give a good jump (you may bounce once or twice). When you jump make sure you give a good push off through your shoulders, hollow out through your chest, straighten up, lift your chin, and keep your legs at shoulder width. Hit your Hi-V to finish.


Back spot- Place your hands on the corresponding ankles of the flier.  As she drops, make sure you reach up and grab the fliers waist making sure that you control and resist her on the way down (this will make the landing more comfortable). As the flier jumps up, give a little assistance and toss her up (not out) to help the bases. Then regrab at the ankles for the finish.


Base(s) - On count dip with your legs and watch one another for timing issues. Right base let go and continue to follow the other base (keep your shoulders the same height as much as possible). Left base continue to dip down with the flier's right foot keeping resistance at all times. When the flier jumps up, make sure that you slowly keep lifting making sure the the flier is able to get over you (if flier cannot get over you then you are going too fast).  When the flier gets up and over both bases, right base regrab the left foot in an elevator grip, and both bases squeeze at shoulder height for the finish.