Cradle to retake








Flier Start in a cradle position with your left arm around the base's neck and your right arm wrapping your left arm. As the base dips, push down with your left arm through the base's shoulders to help you get your hips through and to the rear. As you get over the base push straight down through him to help slow yourself down. At the same time you want to lift your right foot up as if your were going to do a walk in. When the base grabs your foot, continue to hold your own weight by pushing down through the base's shoulders. When you hit the ground for the retake, absorb the landing and push off to your chosen stunt.


Base - Start in a cradle position with your right arm on the mid-back of the flier and your left forearm under the flier's legs. Now dip with your legs and pop the flier's hips back. This is down by throwing your right forearm straight up and your left arm will throw the flier's legs back. Immediately grab the flier's right foot with your right hand (left will go on the bottom) and control her down to a retake position. Remember to keep your arms bent and bend down with your legs to absorb the landing. With the momentum from the retake, go up to your chosen stunt afterward.