Cannonball to Cupie








Flier Start by lying on your back in a balled up position. As the base grabs your feet, place your hands behind his neck. The base will standup and you will need to get up and over the base. When you are over him, make sure you push straight down with your hands that are behind his neck. Using the momentum, then stand up and turn 45 degrees. The base will finish the turn, and you can hit the HI-V for your cupie.

NOTE: Remember to pull your toes up for the cupie and squeeze your ankles together.


Base - Bend over to the flier and grab her feet with your right on top of your left (so your right hand is on the flier's feet). Grab a cupie grip. On count, use your hips and get the flier up straight. Using the momentum, push straight up through the flier's feet with both of your hands. Before you hit a full extension of your arm begin to turn with the flier remembering to squeeze her feet at all times. When the flier is almost facing forward, stop the spin as momentum will stop her facing front. Squeeze the cupie for the finish.