BH BH doublefull







Start the skill with a 2 back handsprings in continuation.  From the back handspring shrug through your shoulders, push off of the ground, and use your abs to snap your feet to the ground.  Make sure you lift your arms up for the set to give lift and jump off of the ground.  The set is crucial for this skill. Just after takeoff the cheerleader must aggressively drive their heels upward while lifting their chest, tucking their chin to their right shoulder, and dropping their left arm shortly after the right so that both hands are close to the right hip.  Keeping tight is critical to successful execution of this skill.  Keeping the head in and arms up is extremely important, as the cheerleader will need more flight time, and a very tight lay out to be successful.  When you see the ground, open up out of your full and squeeze your landing for the finish.