Backhandspring backtuck








 Start with your hands to your side and your head facing forward (chin up). Now sit down by bending at the knees and keeping your back straight. You will feel yourself begin to fall back. Now jump with your legs and swing your arms up above your head, do not try to arch/bridge back for the ground or you will get NO height. (NOTE: your momentum of falling back and jump will put your body at about a 45 angle). When your arms come up they need to be placed straight up next to your ears, always trying to reach back. Right after you jump, arch back and reach for the ground (You should think jump then reach, automatically one after the other). When you reach the ground with your hands, resist through your shoulders, squeeze your abs and pull your legs up over your head (remember to keep your legs straight). Right before you feet hit the ground, give a good push off of the ground with your arms/shoulders to get your upper body up and lift your arms straight up to initiate the back tuck, and as you feet hit the ground, absorb the landing and jump right away making it a smooth transition (Do not try to jump to fast or you will loose height, momentum, and timing). When you hit the height of your jump, tuck your knees to your chest by squeezing your abs, and swing your arms up and around until they hit your legs. Now wrap under your knees and squeeze. When you see the ground, open up your chest and begin to open your tuck. Finish by sticking your landing by squeezing your feet together, squeezing your abs, and placing your arms to your side in fists. (NOTE: If you are a beginning at this skill, always have a certified spotter and trainer on hand for safety reasons).