Single base post up hands






 Flier – Stand in front of the base and grab a thumb to thumb grip to the spot in front of you.  Also give your left foot to the base behind.  On count, jump off your right leg, push through the spot in front of you, and lift your hips up as to make a table top position.  When the stunt is sturdy, lift up with your chest and let go of the spot one hand at a time.  Keep your chest up, put a little weight in the balls of your feet, keep you head up, and hit a Hi-V for the finish.

 Front spot – (Hands on spotting at all times). Start in front of the flier, bend down on 1 knee, lift your arms up remembering to keep your elbows in, and grab a thumb to thumb grip.  On count, dip off your knee, stand up, and push straight up through your arms.  Once the flier says that it is OK to continue, let go 1 hand at a time and become the back spot.  Stand behind, squeeze and pull up on the ankles for the finish. 


Base – Bend down, grab the flier’s left foot with your left hand.  Make sure you your index finger is on the notch on the shoe, and squeeze with the rest of your hand.  Place your right hand on the flier’s shin.  On count lift up with your right hand on the flier’s shin to stand her up, and stand up with your feet shoulder width apart.  Now let go of the flier’s shin and grab her right foot with your right hand with the same grip as you have on the left foot.  Squeeze both feet as the flier stands up for the finish.  Remain sturdy for the flier, because you are the main base.  You should not be moving around under the stunt.