Post up shoulder stand










Flier-Start behind the spotter and in front of the base.  Grab a thumb-to-thumb grip with the spot and your base will grab your ankles.  On count jump off the ground, keep your legs together while locking them out, lift your hips up, and push your weight into the arms of the spot in front of you. When your base has put your feet on the post's shoulders and they are stabilized, then let go one hand at a time from the post in front and stand up.  For the dismount grab thumb-to-thumb grip with the base below you this time and step down off of the stunt.


Spot-Stand with your back towards the flier. Lift your arms in a dagger motion and grab thumb-to-thumb grip with your flier (keep your elbows up).  Place your right foot back and your left foot forward, and slightly bend down. On count dip with your leg, step back with your left leg (bring your legs together), and resist up through your arms while you straighten them up. Once the flier is stable let go one hand at a time and become the base.  As the flier stands just make sure that you squeeze her calves and pull them in slightly for her own comfort and stability.


Base-Bend down and grab the flier’s ankles.  As she dips go with her momentum, then put her feet gently on the shoulders of the post.  Allow time for the flier to adjust, and put your hand on her calves and pull straight down.

TIP: do not pull the fliers calves forward Or she will fall.