Low Stunt: Liberty





 Start with an Elevator


Flier-Start by shifting all of your weight to your right foot.  Lift your left knee up so that your thigh is perpendicular to the ground and your left foot is pointing to the ground.  Keep your shoulders back, chest up, and squeeze your abs.  Pull your Hi-V for the finish.


Back spot- Start with your hands on the flier’s ankles.  On count work your left hand off of the flier’s left ankle and put in on the flier’s right calf for support. As the flier stands, squeeze her ankle and calf for support.


Right Base – Keep you elevator grip for the entire stunt. Squeeze her heel and balls of the flier’s right foot for support.


Left Base – Start with an elevator grip. On count assist the flier by placing her left foot up and over. No adjust your right hand under the right foot and your left hand on top of the flier’s right foot.  Squeeze for the finish.