Low Hitch






 Flier – Stand behind the base with both hands on the bases’ corresponding shoulders.  Place your left foot in the pocket of the base’s right thigh pocket.  On count step up (step and lock) in the base’s pocket and push straight down through the base. Make sure you straighten both legs and keep your head down at the stunt. For the hitch, pull your right leg up to your side base for a hitch.  Your hitch legs should have your thigh parallel to the ground and your right foot should point to the right side.  DO not put much weight on this side base as the hitch is just an effect

 Side base – stand to the right of the main base. As the flier hitches to you make sure her foot points right and that that her thigh is parallel to the ground.  Bend your arms if it is necessary to accomplish this effect.

 Back spot – (Hands on spotting at all times). Start behind the flier and grab her waist with your corresponding hands. Follow her up and down the stunt, while never letting go.


Base – Start in a lunge position with your right leg bent and right foot facing perpendicular to the crowd your are facing.  Your left leg should be straight and your left foot will face towards the crowd.  Keep your upper body facing the crowd at all times. When the flier places her left foot, take your right arm around the back of the flier’s left leg and brace above her knee.  Your left hand needs to brace under the flier’s left foot.  Before she steps up, make sure you are bracing her to your body.  On count as the flier steps, make sure you have her braced.  As the flier pulls her hitch, make sure that you continue to squeeze. For the dismount, follow the flier’s waist for the finish.