Twin Hitch


You need 16 people (4 fliers and 12 bases).


Start with 2 shoulder stands standing right next to each other.  Fliers should grab behind each other back with their inside hand and pull up for support.  Now 2 other bases need to grab the outside feet of the fliers and have the fliers hitch to them.  This makes the bottom port of the pyramid. 


In the back have 2 outside elevators hitch to the hands of the bottom fliers.  The outside pods – your outside base will be the main base and will keep the grip he has.  The base/spot in the back will grab the ankle of the flier’s outside leg and squeeze and pull up.  On count the inside base will help guide the flier’s inside foot up, then let go and help support the flier’s outside foot.  Your back hand will go underneath the flier’s foot while the hand facing the crowd will go on top of the flier’s foot and squeeze tight.  Flier just make sure your pull everything up and to the middle.  When stable both outside fliers need to hitch their inside foot to the bottom flier’s outside hand.  Make sure you both are just touching the hands of the bottom fliers in the middle and not putting all of your weight in her hands.  Remember it is an effect.  Now hit your Hi-V’s and smile for the finish.   


NOTE:  For a Novice approach. Have the outside hitches remain in elevators and hitch from there.  They will hitch to the middle flier’s thigh instead and the middle flier will just hit a half of a HI-V.