Tabletop (All-girl)





You need 10 people (3 fliers and 7 bases).


Let’s start with the table base part of the pyramid. You need a front base, a back base, and a flier.  Back base bend down and grab both of the flier’s ankles. Front base start with your right knee down, your arms up in a dagger motion, and grab a thumb to thumb grip with the flier. Flier stand with your feet together and grab for the front base in front of you.  On count, flier dip off of the ground, push with your arms straight down through the base in front of you, stiffen your legs right after the jump, and lift with your hips to the ceiling.  Back base… as flier jumps, just lift the flier’s ankles and place her feet on your shoulder. Now brace by pulling straight down on her calves for support. Front base… dip with your legs and push straight up with your arms resisting the flier’s weight at all times.  Keep your arms locked for the rest of the pyramid. 


Now get 2 of these table stunts next to one another. Both back bases should be shoulder to shoulder.  Both front bases should be elbow to elbow, and both fliers shoulder have their bottoms and shoulders together to create the pyramids main level.


Now for the top flier.  Start in an elevator as explained on page 4.  Flier places your hands on the bottom flier’s outside waists.  Determine if the bottom flyers are of equal height.  If not then tell them to adjust.  When they are of equal height, then push the 2 together so that there are NO holes in the middle.  Now adjust your hands to the mid- backs of the flier’s in front of you.  On count have the bases extend the elevator while the top flier maintains contact for the finish.


NOTE:  You can add a couple of hitches to the sides of this pyramid to make it more difficult.  Another thing that could be done is adding in shoulder sits on the front bases.  Now the bottom fliers will have to grab the shoulders of the shoulders sits.