Step pyramid



You need 8+ people (3 fliers and 5+ bases).


Start with a shoulder sit in front, then a shoulder stand behind the shoulder sit, and an elevator behind the shoulder stand.  Remember to start this pyramid close at the beginning so that everyone is not moving forward and delaying the building of the pyramid.  NOTE: extra spots may also be needed on the shoulder sit and shoulder stand for sturdy and safety issues. 


Now have all of the flyers dip down to the person in front of them.  The shoulder stand will grab the shoulder sitís shoulders, and the elevator will grab the shoulder stands waist.  On count have the elevator raise the elevator to and extension as they are holding on.  Smile for the finish. 


To add to the pyramid you may put a person standing on the ground then a person kneeling to continue the step to the ground.  You may also put some hitches onto the side to give it a little flair and difficulty.