Split Wall


You need 10+ people (3 fliers and 7+ bases).


Start with a ground up elevator on the left side, a liberty pod in the back, and a side flier on the right.  Practice the ground up elevator without the side flier and without using the flier’s arms to get a push.  The back spot needs to give the flier and good toss by placing her hands on the flier’s waist and tossing.  After the toss make sure you grab the flier’s thighs right away for stability


For the side flier to the right, start on the ground with your right leg on the ground and your left leg placed on the hip of the elevator. Connect arms by having the side flier on top and the flier on the elevator’s hands on the bottom.  Practice this to the point where the pyramid will be sturdy as it goes up.  When the flier’s feel comfortable, have the outside base place her hands under the flier’s outside foot in an elevator grip.  If the weight of the flier is unbearable, outside base place your foot under the flier’s then grab for the grip.  This way you are using your foot to take on the weight.  Now the inside base can do any number of grips for this pyramid. I am going to suggest that your hand facing the crowd should go on the fliers shin while the hand away should be placed under the flier’s foot if at all possible. Back spot will either grab thigh and ankle then help, OR try to toss the flier from the back the help by stabilizing the thigh and ankle as the flier is lifted. Remember spots need to help lift at all times or the pyramid will not go up smoothly. 


On count raise the base layer of the pyramid.  Fliers need to squeeze their arms and stay tight with their abs.  Never bend at the waist or the pyramid will fall.  Now have the liberty hitch to the base layer in front.  Hit Hi-Vs for the finish.