Split mount



Flier - Start facing forward and grab a thumb to thumb grip with your bases on both of your side. Determine before you jump which way you are going to split (in the picture it is left).  On count dip and give a good jump off of the ground, while at the same time you will push through your shoulders to get up and over your bases.  As you come off of the ground, begin separating your  legs (keeping them straight and toes pointed), slightly turn your hips in the direction your are splitting, keep your chest and chin up as your ride the pop.  Continue pushing through your shoulders, keep your legs locked, toes pointed, and hips slightly turned as your bases grab your legs for the finish.

Backspot - grab the flier's waist.  On count assist the flier as she jumps off of the ground.  Control and lift her as much as you can so that the bases have enough time to grab the flier's leg.  After the bases have caught the fliers legs, keep a hold of the flier's waist and squeeze for the finish.

Base(s) - Start by facing one another, grab a thumb to thumb grip with the flier with your outside hands, and place your inside hand underneath the flier's armpit with your thumb on the chest side of the flier.  On count slightly keep your outside arm bent and wait for the flier's jump. As the flier jumps, give a good pop by straightening out your outside arm (while still resisting the flier), and using your inside arm to pop the flier through her armpit.  Immediately after the flier is popped up, let go of her armpit (keep a hold of your outside arm) and grab for the flier's leg (In this situation the right base will grab the calf of the flier and the left base will grab the flier's shin.  Squeeze the flier's legs and hands for the finish.