Outside Stretch pyramid










You need 10+ people (5 fliers and 5+ bases). – COED

You need 14+ people (5 fliers and 9+ bases). – All-girl


You can try this pyramid as a COED as shown in the pictures or as an All-girl as I will explain.  Set it up with shoulder stands on the outside and middle, and elevators in between.  All fliers need to grab arms for an effect. Remember this is just an effect and not used for balancing. The top fliers need to have their arms on top with palms facing down.  On count the elevators need to dip. The inside bases keep their grip and extend.  The back base/spotter needs to grab the ankle of the inside leg and squeeze.  The outside base needs to guide the flier’s outside foot and grab the inside foot by placing his/her backside hand underneath the foot and the hand facing the crowd on top of the inside foot. Squeeze to make it sturdy.  All fliers hit half Hi-V’s for the finish.