Lib Tree pyramid






You need 12 people (5 fliers and 7 bases).  You may need extra spotters


Start with a ground up elevator in the middle or just a regular Elevator. Then have shoulder stands next to the elevator and shoulder sits on the outside. Connect the shoulder sits and shoulder stands making sure the lower fliers have their palms up while the higher fliers have their palms down. Remember this is just an effect and you should barley be touching.  Do not use the other for balancing or you might take the whole pyramid down. 


Now for the liberty.  You may start from ground up or just an elevator position.  We will start from elevator.  From elevator, the right base will continue up with their grip. The back base/spotter will grab the ankle of the flier and squeeze (if they cannot reach, then grab the base’s wrist).  The left base will guide the flier up and to the middle, then let go and immediately place his/her right hand under the flier’s right foot, and his/her left hand on top the flier’s right foot and squeeze tight.  The flier will ride up from the elevator to a liberty position and place both hands on top of the shoulder stands with her palms facing down.  This pyramid will give you a tree effect. Smile for the finish.


NOTE.  You can add more people to the end to make it bigger OR take the shoulder sits away to make it smaller.  Try spinning the pyramid in a circle to give an even more added effect.