Liberty hang





You need 12+ people (5 fliers and 7+ bases).  You may need extra spotters.


Start and alternate with shoulder sits and shoulder stands with the shoulder sit being in the middle and on the sides.  You may add as many people to this as you want.  Once up, every flier should grab arms to make the connection effect, but for this pyramid you need to grab tight.  Top fliers grab on top and shoulder sit fliers grab on the bottom (palms up). Now the middle shoulder sit base should adjust and grab hers/his flier’s waist from above.  Bases next to the shoulder sit need to let go of their flier’s calf and put their inside hand as well on the waist of the shoulder site flier.


On count, shoulder sit base needs to dip and lift the flier up and help hold her in front.  The shoulder sit flier will just hit a liberty position in the air.  The top fliers of the shoulder stands (keeping their arms locked, need to pull up with their shoulders and slightly roll back. Use your outside shoulder sits to help balance the load of weight from the liberty hang.  Make sure to make small adjustments due to the fact that there are many people involved.  Smile for the finish.