Donkey Kong - modified







 You need 9 people (2 fliers and 7 bases).


Start with 2 elevators facing to the right. Have the left elevator stay in position while the right elevator flier will fall back. Make sure you practice both elevators together with the fallback to give and appealing look and smooth transition.


Directions for fallback:  You will have a regular elevator with and extra spot to the back.  The flier bends and the knees and initiates the fallback.  Make sure the flier is tight by having her squeeze her abs, keep her arms to her side in fists, and hollow out with her shoulders. Before the flier falls, the back spot will turn their back towards the crowd and face the extra spot who is standing in the back.  As the flier falls both spotters will lift their arms up, catch the flier high, and absorb the fall with their legs. As the spotters bring the flier down, make sure they place their closer hands on the flier’s backside/lower back and their hand farther away from the stunt needs to be placed on the upper back/shoulders of the flier.  Practice this over and over again to speed up the transition to give it a smooth effect.


Now as the fallback lands, have the left elevator bend at the waist and grab a thumb to thumb grip with the flier in the fallback.  If the 2 elevators are too far apart then it may be difficult.  To avoid this start with the elevators close together so that there is little movement during the pyramid sequence.  


Now after the grip has been established, at the same time raise both stunts. The right elevator will raise the fallback by making sure her body remains parallel to the ground.  The elevator will lift to an extension, where her body position is that of a half a table top. Turn and smile for the finish.


NOTE: You can add different things to this pyramid.  Here are some examples:

1.) You can start with both elevators facing the crowd. Then when they both go up they turn 45°.  Very cool transition effect for routines.

2.) Have 2 shoulder stands hitching the belly of the fallback from the back.

3.) Have a liberty hitching to the back of the top flier.

4.) Have 2 of these pyramids facing opposition ways for a symmetric effect.

5.) Collegiate LEVEL – have the top flier pop her feet to the belly of the fallback elevator while maintaining the same grip.  Just make sure both fliers are resisting through their arms.