Ground up Arabesque








Flier-Start with your right foot placed I the hands of the main base and your hands on the shoulders of both of your bases. On count ride push off of the bases shoulders and step up to the top of the stunt while straightening both legs as you ride up.  Always remembering to squeeze your abs, place your weight in inside of the right foot, and keep your feet together.  Count to 2 in your head and pull your left leg up.  It needs to be parallel to the ground.  Your chest needs to be up, and you need to hit a T motion with your arms At this point your right foot and upper body is facing to the side while your upper body is facing forward.

TIP:  DO not open up your hip, due to the fact you are not flexible enough.   That is not proper.

TIP: If you are doing an arabesque right, then you should feel a pinch in your back

TIP: hold your left leg parallel to the ground or it will make you fall forward. 

TIP: Keep your leg locked so you do not fall.

TIP: balance by squeezing


Back spot-(Hands on spotting at all times) Start with your right hand on the flier’s right ankle. Your left hand will be on the flier’s backside. On count follow the flier straight up.  As the flier stands up let go of the flier’s buttocks and use your left hand as another base on the flier’s right ankle.

NOTE- when following flier up do not push her forward or she will fall. 

NOTE- If too short to grab the ankle, try to grab the bases wrists instead for support.


Side base-Start by bending down and grabbing under the flier’s right foot with your right hand, then grab on top of the flier’s foot with your left hand.  On count follow the flier and squeeze to the top.  .   For the dismount dip with your legs and pop through your shoulders for the finish. 


Main base-Start with your right hand under the flier’s toes and your let hand on the flier’s right heel. On count dip and extend your arms straight up with the flier on top and lock out your arms.  Remember to lift with your arms right away and finish with your legs towards the end.   For the dismount dip with your legs and pop through your shoulders for the finish. 

NOTE- do not bend your arms or flier will fall.

NOTE- do not sweep or your will lose height on toss