You need 7 people (2 fliers, 1 spot, and 4 bases)


Start with and elevator and place a toss hands in front of it.  The flier in the elevator (base flier) will grab the toss hands flier (top flier) by her waist with a toss grip.  Likewise the top flier will grab the base flier's wrists as if to toss.  On count the base of the toss hands will dip and slightly toss the top flier up to a shoulder sit.  At the same time the top flier keeps her legs locked and rides the pop up while still keeping a hold and squeezing the base flier's wrists.  The base flier will aggressively lift the top flier straight up, then gently place her on her shoulders for a shoulder sit.  The base flier will gently place her hands and forearms under the top fliers feet and squeeze them into her chest.  The top flier will push off of the base flier's head and stand up.  As she stands, she will slightly lean back into the base flier with her calves, while at the same time trying not to butt back with her backside.  Top flier hits a HI-V for the finish.


For the dismount the top flier will bring her arms down to her side and turn off her right shoulder.  The base flier will guide her down.  The base who tossed the flier up and the extra spot will catch the top flier, and the elevator will come down as normal.