You need 8 people (3 fliers, 4 spots, and 1 base)



I will go over the easiest way to get into the TOTEM pyramid.  Start with a shoulder stand with 1 male on top of the other.  Then add a shoulder sit on top of that by having another base toss a flier from the front (from hands).  That base will become the side spot and there will be another spot bracing hard in the back. 


Now have an elevator (with no backspot) on the left of the original structure (The top flier will be on top of this elevator).  The top flier will turn slightly to her left and grab the bottom flier’s (standing flier) opposing wrists.  On count the flier will lean and the elevator bases will toss the top flier up in a cartwheel sequence.  The elevator bases become spotters and braces the pyramid. The base flier must keep his arms flexed and in close.  The shoulder sit flier will grab the waist of the top flier as it comes up in a hand stand position. The shoulder sit flier can stabilize the top flier by placing her head on the backside of the top flier.  


For the dismount, the shoulder sit flier guides the flier’s right hip down, as to place the flier in a cradle position.  At the same time the top flier turns her hips, pulls her toes down and catches her original bases for the cradle.