Toe Pitch









The toe pitch should have a toe pitcher in the front, a tosser in the back, and a flier in the middle (you should practice your toe pitch before you begin).  The flier needs to put her right foot in the toe pitchers hands (which should be a right over left grip), and grab the wrists of the tosser behind her.  On count let the flier jumps off of the ground, keeps her chin slightly tucked, chest up, and slightly gets up and over the toe pitcher in the front. Toe pitcher needs to wait for this moment or the flier will never be able to extend her leg fully.  Toe pitcher needs to slowing lift until half-way through the toss when he should explode through the right leg of the flier (explode by keeping your arms flexed, using your legs for power, then push straight up to an extended position), then finish by keeping your arms straight up in order make sure the toss was complete and to catch the flier in case she falls. The tosser will toss the flier slightly forward to help her get up and over.  The flier needs to make sure that she is able to straighten her leg, then lift her chin, keep her arms to her side, feet placed at shoulder with, hollow out through the mid-section and squeeze as tight as she can.


For the catch the flier keeps arms squeezed and legs together, then place your right foot slightly in front of you for the toe pitcher to catch. Put some weight into the right foot so the toe pitcher can slow you down, and begin to grab for the tosser behind you.  When the tosser reaches your waist, flier grab for his wrists, begin to bend your leg, and settle to a finish.