You need 8-9 people (3 fliers and 5-6 bases).

Let's begin with the base of the stunt.  The front base( or you could have 2 front bases, but in this scenario I will only have 1 front base) will start by facing forward, arms above his head and right foot slightly back. The 2 base fliers will grab one of the front base's hands in a right over left hand grip and grip tightly while still standing on the ground.  The back bases will squat down and grab the ankles of the base fliers.  On count the base flier's will jump off of the ground, shoot there hip up in the air as to make a table, push through the front base, lock their legs out, and remain tight.  The front base will step slightly back with his right foot and straighten his arms arm remembering to make as little movement as possible through his arms.  The back bases will lift the ankles of the base fliers by keeping their biceps flexed, stand up, and place the base fliers on their corresponding shoulders. When stable the back bases will switch their grip and grab the base flier's calves and push down.  To finish, both the base fliers and back bases need to make sure that they are close to one another so that there is no gap for the flier to fall through.

At the same time this is going on the main flier will have a base to through her up to Toss Hands and a spotter off to the side. In hands, have the top flier adjust the base fliers backsides to make sure that they are together and even.  Place your hand on the mid-section of the base flier's backs. On count allow your base to toss you gently up, push through your arms and shoulders, and place your feet on the lower back of the base flier's back.  Stand up and hit a Hi-V for the finish. 

For the dismount top flier look at the spot and your base behind you as they are ready for the cradle.  The back bases will dip with their legs, pop off the base fliers from their shoulders, separate slightly, and grab the base flier's waist for the finish. The top flier will keep her legs locked, slightly lean back, ride the pop that is given to her, clean with her arms to her side, then open up and pike for the cradle (remember to grab your bases firmly so that it is a firm catch).