Table Hitch








You need 7 people (3 fliers and 4 bases)



Start with 2 couples on the outside and half of a table in the middle.The table portion of the pyramid consists of a back base, a front base, and a base flier.The flier will start in the middle and grab a thumb to thumb grip with the front base who has his back to the flier.The front base places his right foot back and keeps his arms slightly bent, so the base flier can reach his arms.The back base bends down to grab the ankles of the base flier.On count the base flier jumps, the back base lifts the base flier up, and the front base steps back on his right leg and stands up while at the same time locking his arms.The base flier keeps her legs locked all times after she jumps, bends at the waist, and pushes through the front base in front to make a table.Now the 2 couples should have started slightly behind the back base.They will toss hands, hit liberties, and hitch to the mid-back of the base flier.Make sure that all of the top fliersí weight is on the standing leg and not the hitching leg.The hitch is just and effect.If you put too much weight in the base flier, then the pyramid will fall.