Swedish Falls








 You need 14 people (6 fliers, 2 spotters, and 6 bases)


Start with a 2 shoulder stands in the middle facing one another, 2 toss hands on either side of the middle structure, and 2 shoulder stands on the ends.  The middle shoulder stand fliers need to place their hands on the shoulders of the flier that they are facing and squeeze to make the structure solid.  The 2 toss hands turn into the middle and now place their hands on the middle shoulder stands (more towards the neck).  Make sure that the grip had the thumb on the back and the other finger towards the front (hamburger grip). 


Now I will explain the right side, and just reverse it all to get the answer on how to execute the left.  The right toss hands needs to lift her back leg (which is her right) to the shoulder stand on the outside.  Bending down, the shoulder stand on the outside needs to grab the right ankle from underneath with her left hand with her thumb turned on the inside rather than it being on the outside. The flier in toss hands (top flier) will wait for her base to dip and toss her up.  As she is tossed, the top flier will push straight down through the flier (in the middle shoulder stand) in front of her and flatten her body out.  When stable, the top flier needs to pull her left leg straight up and point her toe.  Her base comes to the front and faces the back while a spotter remains in the back and faced front. 


To dismount, the flier will drop her left leg to the flat position, drop her hip slightly to initiate the roll off, stay tight and catch her bases for the cradle.  Remember to keep both sides in sync for an added effect.  Middle shoulder stands will turn and all 4 will pop down together.