Step up Stretch








 You need 7 people (3 fliers, 1 spotter, and 3 bases)


Start with a shoulder sit on the right side and a shoulder stand on the left.  Then place a toss hands in the back, towards the middle of the pyramid.  The shoulder stand flier will hitch her left leg to the shoulder sit flier.  The top flier will be extended up to a liberty hitch position by place her right foot in the pocket of the shoulder stand flier’s left leg.  The shoulder stand flier will grab the right toe of the top flier with her right hand and around the flier’s right knee with her left arm.  Squeeze tight.  Once ready the top flier will be popped up by the base below her, and the she will place both feet on the shoulder stand flier’s thigh.  When ready the top flier will pull a stretch and HI-V to finish.


For the dismount everyone will dip together and the top flier will ride the pop up.  When she begins to drop the top flier needs to squeeze everything together by bringing her arms down to her sides, bringing her feet together, tucking her chin, and lifting her hips up.  The top flier will pike and catch her bases for the finish as her 2 bases catch her.