Open tabletop








You need 13 people (5 fliers, 2 spots, and 6 base)



 Start with a table top formation, except the base flier’s are split out and that there is only 1 front base.  Your original flier that would usually go up into the table top will remain in toss hands and assist 2 top fliers who will stand on the mid-backs of the base fliers. 


Now place 2 couples on the outsides of the pyramid.  Have them throw toss hands, then extend to opposing lib hitch positions.  The top fliers need to make sure that their feet are on the mid-backs of the base fliers.  Before stepping up, the top fliers need to place their arm on top of the original fliers arm.  The bases of the top fliers will dip and toss the top fliers up.  At the same time the top fliers will step up and place both feet on the base fliers while slightly using the original flier to stabilize.  When stable, the top flilers pull their opposing stretches.


For the dismount, the bottom bases of the table top will dip, pop, and grab the bottom bases right away as they are popped off of the shoulders (you will feel a lot of momentum going forward,…try to stop it).  The top flier will hold their stretch, slightly lean back and ride the pop.  When the top flier feels herself coming down, she needs to clean with her arms to her sides, tuck her chin, lift with her waist, and squeeze. Finally she will open up and catch her original bases for the cradle.