Hi Split


You need 7 people (2 fliers and 5 bases).

Start with 2 Toss shoulders facing one another and have a toe pitch in the middle. Have the 2 shoulder stands dip down to reach the top flier who is on the floor in the middle with her right foot in the toe pitchers hands.  The top flier will reach up for the base fliers outside hand and grab a wrist to wrist grip.  The top bases will place their inside hand on the top fliers tricep.  There is also a tosser in the back grabbing a hold of the top fliers waist. On count the flier dips, the bottom bases begin to stand, the toe pitcher resists the top flier as she stands up, the tosser flicks the top flier, and the base fliers pull up on the flier by using her arms as leverage.  At this time the top flier will ride and continue to push through her arms/shoulders.  As the toe pitcher initiates the top flier's right leg by guiding it to the left, the top flier initiates her split to the left in this example.  The base fliers are still pulling straight up and locking their arms. Once the top flier's legs are reachable, the base fliers will grab the flier's legs and place them on their shoulders (In this situation the right base will grab the calf of the flier and the left base will grab the flier's shin and place her legs on their shoulders).  Squeeze the flier's legs and hands for the finish.  

To dismount the top flier (who continues to push through her arms) will initiate the roll off by tucking her chin to her chest, pushing off of her arms, and lifting up with her backside.  The base fliers will assist the top fliers legs together as they come up and around. The top flier will bring her legs and feet together, then pike and catch 2 bases for the cradle.

TIP:  try the rolloff on the ground, before going up in the air.