Fullup 321









You need 7 people (3 fliers, and 4 bases)


Start with 2 toss shoulders on the outsides and a fullup toe pitch in the middle.  When the toss shoulders are stable, have the base grab the inside foot of the flier on top by grabbing the middle of her foot.  At the same time, the flier will slowly place her weight on the inside of her outside foot.  As the fullup toe pitch is tossed, the bases/fliers of the shoulder stands will lift the inside leg of the fliers(base fliers) and cross them.  This will give the base structure of the pyramid. The tosser of the fullup will grab the ankles of both of the base fliers (fliers of the shoulder stand), and pull up. The tosser of the fullup will also grab the ankles/shins of the base fliers and pull up.  If the toe pitcher and tosser grabs underneath the feet of the base fliers ,then you will need an extra spot. 


Now for the flier.  As she comes up and around she will need to keep your chest up and body tight.  As she is 1/4 of the way to the front, she will slightly open up her legs shoulder width and remain tight. She should never try to place her feet.  The base fliers will grab the top fliers feet with their outside hand (underneath the foot), and grab around and above the knee with the inside hand.  The base fliers need to watch and follow the top flier as she fulls up, then grab high and place the top flier's feet in the pocket of their inside leg. 


For the dismount the bases will dip and the fliers will stay tight and ride the pop.  The shoulder stands will slightly step away from center, as the base fliers guide the top flier away and to the middle.  The base fliers will clean and grab for the pop down.  The top flier will ride the pop and clean for the catch, back to a toe pitch dismount.