Diamond Head





Fliers - there is a right and left flier to this stunt.  Start standing slightly in front to the bottom base with both feet planted.  Give your inside arm to the top base palm up.  You will grab his wrist and squeeze firmly.  On count jump off the ground in unison with one another and pull your outside knee up in a liberty.  Keep your abs tight and squeeze your bottom to keep the stunt solid.  For the dismount, as the top base pops off the bottom base, you need to let go of the top base's wrist and absorb the landing.

TIP: you may have a spotter behind you for safety and to insure that the stunts hits.  He/she should grab your waist for the stunt and dismount.

TIP: wear athletic tap for a better grip.

Bottom base - Pop the top base up into a shoulder stand (I would recommend a calf pop for guy on guy).  As the top base gets on your shoulders make sure you make all the necessary adjustments before you let go of his calves.  As you let go of his calves, bend down at the waist and grab the fliers' waist with you palms facing down.  Make sure that the flier's are to the side and slightly in front.  On count wait for the fliers' dip and pull up and out.  Squeeze their waist at all times and use your thumbs and index finger for control.  For a finishing touch try spinning or walk with the D-head. For the dismount make sure you keep your position as the top base falls off and slow down the flier's as much as you can.

TIP: Make sure you do not drop your chest or your top base will fall.

Top base- Load up into a shoulder stand.   Now bend at the waist and keep your chest up. Grab the fliers' wrist with your palms facing down.  Your knee should face slightly out and your heels should be placed firmly on the bottom base's neck.  On count role your shoulders back first then lift wit your legs.  It shoulder flow into the other just make sure your start with the shoulders first them incorporate the legs as you use your shoulders.  As you pull up and lift with your chest, make sure you are squeeze at all times and your back is straight (not curved.) Your body position should look like your body it leaning back which counteracts the bottom pushing the fliers forward.  For the dismount, let go of the flier's and step off safely to the ground.   For safety reason, one may want to wait until the flier's are safely on the ground before coming down and use a back spot for assistance.

Tip: Why use shoulders before legs? The reason is that your shoulders are weaker than your legs. If your used you legs first then your would be caught with your chest down.