You need 16 people (6 fliers, 8 spots, and 2 base)



 Start with a shoulder stand with a male on top of another.  Then place a shoulder sit on top.  Now place the same structure next to this one.  The base fliers wrap around each otherís backs and squeeze. Now place a couple on each side, slightly back from the pyramid.  Couples toss the top fliers to hands and extend to a liberty hitch position opposing one another.   Top fliers place both of your hands on the closest shoulder sit flierís shoulder.  On count the top flier needs to wait for the basesí dip, ride the pop, push down on the shoulder sit flierís shoulder, and step up.  Make sure you use a step and locking technique with your legs.  Now pull your opposing stretches for the finish. 


NOTE:  use 2 spots for each of the fliers that are above 2 high.  This is why you need 4 spotters for each side (total 8).