You need 16 people (6 fliers and 10 bases).

We separate this into the 2 outside groundup step hitches and the double cupie hitch in the middle.

 Let's look at the groundup step hitches (GUSH's).  We will look at the left side and just reverse it for the right.  We start with a base to the right bent down with the base flier's left foot on his right shoulder (support her ankle with your right hand and her toes with your left).  Now the base to the left will place his hands under the foot of the base flier in a normal elevator grip, but on the ground.  The base flier again with her left leg up high and right leg on the ground, will try to reach back for the top flier's knee (place your right hand above her right knee and your left hand under the toe).  The top flier will have her left leg up on the base flier and right leg on the ground, while grabbing a back base in a toss grip.  The back base will grab the top flier around the waist in a toss grip.  On count both fliers will dip, and the bottom bases will stand up.  The right base will stand and squeeze, the left base will press the base flier's right foot and make her leg perpendicular, the base flier will stand up and over her right base, the back base will flick/toss and guide the top flier up and slightly front, and the top flier will jump up (slightly to the front) while hollowing out and keeping her chest up. Top flier may want to rest the right foot with her let foot on the base fliers thigh to stabilize.  When comfortable, top flier can pull her stretch.

Now for the Double cupie hitch.  The main base will dip down keeping both feet on the ground, and grab one of each of the flier's in side feet. The top flier's will place their inside foot to the base in front, and the tossers will grab a toss grip (on the flier's waist).  On count the fliers will jump, the tossers will flick/toss the girls, and the main base will stand and straighten his arms making sure that the fliers are able to make it up and over him.  As the top fliers ride up, they will lift up with their chest, keep their heads up, grab the other flier behind the back, and continue to pull up. (make sure they ride up with their legs together).  The tossers will brace the arms of the main base to stabilize the pyramid.  The fliers will hitch their outside foot to the corresponding base fliers of the ground up step hitches that are next to them.  Top fliers hit Hi-V's and half of Hi-V's for the finish.