Walk in hands Stretch


Start with a walk in hands 


Flier –From hands wait for the base’s dip.  Ride up until right before you hit the top of the base’s extension. Right before the top, you want to pull your stretch.

NOTE: When pulling a stretch makes sure you pull your leg up from a 45 degree angle. If you are not sure want that is then start with a hi-V.  From your hi V lower your left hand to your thigh.  This is the angle that needs to be taken for the pull.

NOTE: When pulling the stretch, DO NOT drop your chest.  Make sure you pull your leg to your hand.

NOTE: You can pull a stretch on your right leg OR left leg.  Make sure you have it on your right leg first, because that is the norm and it is essential to have that for most college teams.

After you pull your stretch, make sure you grab your foot and not just your ankle for proper execution.


Base – From hands, make sure your right index finger is adjusted to the right foot of the flier.  Squeeze her foot and on count, extend the stunt in a triangular like fashion.  Right before you hit the top, let go of flier's left foot and bring flier’s right foot to the middle (Always squeeze flier's feet while stunting).  Do not relax your shoulders and always squeeze.