Walk in Arabesque







Flier – Just as you did for the WI extension, ride up to the top and remember this time to keep your feet together.  Squeezing and keeping your chest up is vital to the success of this stunt.  Initiate the turn with you head by aiming to turn yourself almost 90 degrees (Base will turn you the next 45 degrees).  Spot to front to stop your turn.  Squeeze you entire body for stability.  When stopped pull your arabesque (remember to keep your toe pointed, chest up, your leg parallel to the ground, and your head turned to the front).


Base - The only adjustment to a Walk IN Arabesque from a Walk IN Extension is the Finish. The Walk in itself should be exactly the same.   In order to finish, you need to turn an extra 45 degrees.  Your right hand will continue to the standard arabesque position with you index finger pointing to the left side of your body. Your left hand will grab the flier’s right heel in a so-called “hamburger” grip OR “overlap” grip per preference.  (NOTE: You will need to squeeze hard at the top to stop any momentum that comes from the spin.)